Saturday, July 30, 2011

Re: tar xzvf Django-1.3.tar.gz

in your terminal>tar xzvf Django-1.3.tar.gz (to unzip your tar)
in your terminal>cd Django-1.3 (to move in the new directory created
by the tar)
in your terminal>sudo python install (to install django)

hope this helpful!!! ;-)

On Jul 30, 2:41 am, Technical Writer <> wrote:
> Hello,all:
>     I am a technical writer here in China and right now I run into
> troube installing Django onto my Windows operation system. I have
> followed the steps in the instruction page at ( with Python 2.7 installed. Then I
> downloaded Django-1.3.tar.gz. and the instruction page tells me:
> ------------------------------------------
> tar xzvf Django-1.3.tar.gz
> cd Django-1.3
> sudo python install
> -----------------------------------------------
> How do I suppose to continue? Type in these words into Python shell?
> But there is indication that the syntax is wrong . I am totally
> confused here. Can anyone help?

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