Sunday, July 31, 2011

south vs nashvegas

I'm about to start using a database migration tool on an existing

(Yes, yes, I know, I am crazy for not having done so from the

So: south (the reigning champ) or nashvegas (the upstart)?

I respect the people working on nashvegas a lot, and figure they have
pretty good reasons for starting a new migration tool. And south
seems more complicated (simpler is better, at least some of the

I read here
that "Much care has been made to make sure that you can start using
south on your app part-way through development, where Nashvegas should
really be used from the start. Converting to Nashvegas with a team
requires though and planning, and with South, it requires one
management command from each person (per app)."

Still true? (Things move fast in the Django world.)

Any other opinions, tips, warnings, gratefully received.

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