Sunday, July 31, 2011

Re: USE_I18N vs. USE_L10N

I read Wikipedia and Django docs. Now, after all this debate, I see that I _did_ understand the definitions when I first read it.

Given those definitions however, the meaning of USE_I18N and USE_L10N are not obvious. Far, far, far from obvious. There _absolutely_ has to be some additional explanation of what those two settings does. How can you even think that it is obvious???

So since I could not figure that out, I started looking for explanations. And somewhere I found, that the settings meant respectively: translation and localized formatting. And that is why I sent this post on quite a detour. Sorry about that.

Do you people realize that if a newbie reads a) Wikipedia on I/L b) Django on I/L, c) this thread. They will still not understand what those two settings do!

@ Russell: I would not hesitate to help writing the documentation. But I simply don't know what those settings do. So I can't write it. (tragicomic smiley)


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