Friday, July 29, 2011

Re: Satchmo, the bloated manatee

<declaration>Django is the next best thing to Emancipation.</
<statement>I like Satchmo for the most part.</statement>
<inallseriousness>I'll keep my rants off list.</inallsersiousness>
. <sarcasm><humor>I promise</humor></sarcasm>. You can follow me on
twitter @bloatedmanatee from now on.

Thanks for setting me straight everyone!

On Jul 29, 1:14 pm, Jacob Kaplan-Moss <> wrote:
> Hi Bobby --
> I'm quite sorry if you took my words as a threat. Such wasn't my
> intent -- at all. I'm simply trying to make clear certain community
> expectations. You're completely right that banning would be wildly
> inappropriate, and I certainly wasn't suggesting that.
> The Django community has historically been known as a friendly,
> accepting, professional one free of the usual flamewars that crop up
> on free software. I really appreciate your help in keeping it that
> way. I think we can all agree that a helpful, welcoming community is
> something to be proud of.
> That's the last I've got to say on the matter; at this point we're
> basically going in circles. I hope I made my point clear enough. If
> not, please feel free to contact me off-list so everyone else can get
> back to talking about software.
> Thanks!
> Jacob

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