Friday, July 29, 2011

Re: USE_I18N vs. USE_L10N

On 2011-07-29, at 06:58 , Russell Keith-Magee wrote:
> Lucy: Although there are a lot of people that use L10N and I18N
> interchangeably, they are very distinct terms; any source you find
> that uses them interchangeably is categorically wrong. However, the
> two are very closely related, because localization usually happens in
> the presence of internationalization, and vice versa -- hence the
> common confusion. Although they share a Wikipedia page, if you read
> the rest of the page, you'll see they make a distinction between a
> localized system and an internationalized system.
But as far as I read her messages, Lucy was not asking what L10N and
I18N are, she was asking what USE_I18N and USE_l10N do. In Django.

> To the rest of this thread: I want to head something off at the pass
> right now -- consider it a core-team decision that we're not going to
> rename these settings. I18n and L10n are well understood terms to
> anyone who has been dealing with adapting software to multiple
> languages and cultures reasonable descriptions of what Django does
> with the USE_I18N and USE_L10N settings, and we're not going to change
> the values because someone comes up with a slightly better name. There
> needs to be something fundamentally wrong or misleading before we
> would even consider changing the name of a setting, and given that
> these settings have been in the wild successfully for some time (I
> think it's 4 years in the case of USE_I18N) you're not going to find
> that here.
I think the issue with USE_I18N is not so much that it's been kept, but
that it was not expanded to cover USE_L10N's scope as well, with the
ability to enable or disable each subsection of the domain
(translations and localisation of value formats) added on top of that.

I would have made more sense, to me, if USE_I18N enabled *all* of the
relevant l10n, m17n and i18n machinery and if new processes in this
field were added to the flag's purview as they were introduced, bringing
a django project with USE_I18N enabled ever closer to full "effective"

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